What Companies Are in the Energy Field?

The energy sector is a major component of our current public and political debate. Energy companies supply a vital energy source – power and electricity however traditional methods of producing energy are attracting attention because they contribute to the rise in pollution levels around the world.

But, the market continues to expand and major energy companies committed to expanding their renewable energy sources -like solar, wind batteries, and solar. With the increased demand for renewable energy comes new businesses and jobs.

Companies such as Tesla are looking to revolutionize the method by which energy is produced and utilized. With less dependence in fossil fuels and their use, these companies are in an increased demand for programmers as well as other tech positions.

Since the world for renewable energy sources is being uncovered, changes are inevitable. Check out this article to gain more information about what we know today and the opportunities that are open.

What Is the Energy Sector?

Simply stated, the energy sector is the one that produces the energy that powers our everyday lives. This includes natural gas, electricity as well as oil.

You may be shocked to find some distinctions in the industry of energy and sector. In popular culture both terms are often interchangeable, however there’s a slight distinction.

The energy industry encompasses all that is related to making energy. It can be broadly divided into two types that are equipment and services, and the actual energy sources (oil wind,, etc. ).

In politics, often you’ll hear the energy sector split into two parts which are renewable energy and non-renewable energy. Renewable energy is replenished naturally at the point of origin (wind sun, wind, etc. ) and non-renewable energy is subject to a finite limit.

Types of Energy Companies

In the energy sector there are subcategories which further separate the process of mining, making, and transporting energy across countries. Here are a few of the most important types of energy companies.


As we said renewable energy replenishes itself at its source. This includes solar, wind and geothermal sources. Sometimes, renewable energy can also be called clean energy.

Many of us have witnessed the windmills and solar panels or batteries-powered devices. These are the most common devices that support renewable energy sources.

One of the biggest renewable energy firms worldwide is Orsted located in Denmark.

Gas and Oil

Oil and gas are both associated with the energy sector. Although oil and gas have been around for a long time but mining gas and oil did not begin in the 1800s.

Once it’s extracted it is burned which generates heat and power a turbine which generates the electricity we consume. Natural gas is extracted by filtration, then refined prior to being transferred via pipeline to a storage facility and then it is distributed to the customers.

Natural gas within the U.S. is generally produced locally, though there are some pipelines that originate out of Canada and Mexico. Oil however is a significant part of trade internationally. The biggest oil production company globally is Saudi Aramco

Refining and Pipeline

Refinement of oil is the process where oil is cooked and separated into various fuel components, including Butane and diesel to fuels.

Before oil is refined it has to be shipped to refineries from the areas where it was extracted. This is typically done through pipelines that span hundreds of miles below the surface of the earth.

There are numerous companies who refine oil. Some of the biggest companies could be energy or oil companies, such as ExxonMobil. Others refineries are Marathon, BP, and Chevron.

How Can I Get a Tech Job in the Energy Field?

A lot of tech-related jobs are advertised for power companies are seeking highly trained and experienced professionals. Many of the job ads mention Ph.D.-level qualifications.

Don’t lose hope! There are some things to think about. If a company has technical positions at the top of their list there is a good chance they will have entry-level or junior roles. Furthermore Certain of the younger or smaller firms (like Apex) might take an equivalent amount of experience from industry or a bootcamp degree in lieu of a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

Many tech jobs require prior experience in engineering or other science. According to this data the best candidate for these jobs is an engineer with a computer engineering degree or computer science degree that has completed the bootcamp.

Top Companies for Tech in the Energy Field

If you’re interested in the energy sector and have an interest in technology, you might be interested in any of these companies that offer tech-related jobs. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most prominent technological companies in the U.S. and examples of their most common tech positions.


ExxonMobil trace its roots through 1859, which was the beginning that the petroleum industry. They operate mostly in the natural gas industry. It is among the biggest oil companies worldwide.

A well-known and reputable business, ExxonMobil brings recognition and stability to its name. If you’re seeking an IT job in an industry that is stable and is easily identifiable to employers, you should consider joining Exxon.

Due to the global nature of ExxonMobil’s business it is possible for employees to work in different parts of the world.

Headquarters: Irving, Texas
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Senior Data Engineer – Cloud
  • SAP Developer
  • Software Developer (Argentina)

Duke Energy

Duke Energy provides energy to the Southeast and Midwest regions of the U.S. It was initially an electric company, and continues to diversify their energy offerings.

Natural gas makes up Duke Energy’s most important source, accounting for 37 percent of the energy produced for the business. Nuclear energy accounts for 35% of Duke’s portfolio, while coal is responsible for 21 percent the Duke energy portfolio. Duke also makes use of solar and wind energy.

If you’re looking to work within your area, you should consider Southeast or the Midwest. They’re determined to expand the green energy options available to them which could offer great opportunities for anyone working in the technology industry.

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Controls Engineering Technologist
  • LIT Support Agent
  • GIS Data Analyst


Exelon was established in the year 2000 as a result of merging two regional power providers and has since acquired additional subsidiaries in the years since. They mostly serve customers in Mid-Atlantic and Chicago regions.

A majority of the Exelon’s electricity is generated by nuclear power. Renewable energy sources comprise the least significant portion of the portfolio.

In comparison to other energy companies, Exelon offers more traditional tech-oriented jobs. Their job descriptions call for expertise in a range of programming languages.

Most jobs require prior technology and programming experience. But, there are entry-level jobs too.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Senior Services Analyst (IT)
  • Senior Software Engineer – Java

Apex Clean Energy

Apex is an energy company that was relatively new established in 2009. Apex is focused on sustainable and renewable energy.

There are several sites with enough infrastructure to supply renewable solar and wind energy to their customers.

If you’re passionate about the environment and technology, Apex could be the ideal power provider for you. Apex is a company with a mission seeking to build the largest renewable energy source within the U.S.

Headquarters: Charlottesville, Virginia
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Information Technology Systems Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Geographic Information Systems Analyst

Tesla Motors

Tesla is frequently connected to the controversial founding father Elon Musk or perhaps with its revolutionary electric cars powered by batteries. But Tesla can also be found involved in the development of renewable energy.

The company aims to develop products that reduce emissions and enhance sustainability. The company also offsets emissions and seeks to create products that are sustainable. According to the website of the company Tesla’s solar panels helped offset the cost of auto manufacturing.

If you’re interested in working in the fields of energy and technology, Tesla might be your best option. They have the broadest range of tech-related jobs that match with bootcamp-related skills like software engineering, back-end and front-end development and data analytics.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Software Engineer – Vision Automation
  • Software Engineer – Back End
  • Software Engineer – Distributed Systems


General Electric (GE) is one of the most famous energy companies around the globe. The company’s history can be traced through Thomas Edison, one of the pioneers of electricity.

As a power company that is older the portfolio of GE comprises more traditional power sources including oil, gas as well as nuclear power. However, they are striving on diversifying their power portfolios in a significant way. With GE being the largest supplier of the world’s electricity and generating a significant change.

GE might be a good starting point if you would like to work in the fields of energy and technology. GE is a huge business with many divisions. If you’re not able to find an employment directly in the energy sector then you may want to think about a job in a different division, and then make an internal change.

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer – Embedded Systems
  • Staff End User Support Engineer
  • Engineering Software Configuration and Compliance Engineer

American Electric Power

Also referred to also as AEP, American Electric Power is a different traditional energy firm that has 42% of their energy comes from coal. In 2022 the company will have 20% of its power comes from renewable energy sources, which is higher than the majority of other businesses.

In comparison to other companies, AEP sets out its objectives and plans to increase renewable energy generation in its web site. This means transparency and a genuine determination to implement sustainable modifications.

If you’re interested in working in a business that is making huge shifts, AEP might be a suitable option. According to their job announcements AEP is also using the tech industry in their transformation.

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Solution Engineer Associate
  • Economic Forecast Analyst (Data Analyst)
  • Load Research Analyst Associate

Dominion Energy

Another power company in the region, Dominion Energy, serves 13 million customers. They are aiming to be the most environmentally-friendly energy provider across the U.S.

Although Dominion Energy outlines strong goals for innovation in renewable energy however, the majority of its energy source is produced by fossil fuels.

Dominion might be a great option if you’re looking for a join small-sized power companies. There were several technical posts that included a range of experience.

Their plans to increase sustainable energy resources are a bit ambitious and you may be involved in making important improvements to the energy sector.

Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Software Systems Engineer Specialist
  • Associate Programmer Analyst
  • Senior Programmer Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions About the Energy Field

What are the most lucrative energy-related jobs?

The most lucrative energy jobs include engineering jobs like civil, environmental and air quality engineers. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) environmental engineers earned the median year-long salary of $96,820 by 2021. In the identical year in which civil engineers earned an average annual salary of $88,050. Engineering degrees are the only qualification to be able to work in these fields.

Other jobs that pay well include geoscientists solar project developers Renewable energy specialists.

What is the most rapidly-growing field of energy?

The solar energy sector is among the fastest growing sector of energy at present. Photovoltaics from solar, specifically is the reason behind the majority of the growth in solar power.

Solar photovoltaics is what the majority of us consider when we think of solar power. They are the panels typically found on the roofs or the sides of offices and homes. The panels convert sunlight into energy through an electrochemical effect.

Although solar energy is quickly increasing, it only represented only 3% of all energy consumed in the world in 2020. While there are jobs increasing in demand, bear in your mind that this is only a tiny portion from the overall pie.

Do energy professionals are in great demand?

Yes! As we work to diversify sources of energy the job of energy engineer is expected to grow more than the norm over the next 10 years.

Engineers in the field of energy design and develop ways to reduce the production and consumption of energy. In this job engineers are tasked with creating eco-friendly systems that reduce the environmental impact of energy production.

For those who have experience or keen interest in solar energy, consider job opportunities available in California, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, and North Carolina. If you’re seeking an opportunity with wind power, then you might be interested in those states, which include Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, and California.

Of course there are many jobs across the nation, but these states offer the best possibilities.

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