Top Service Industry Jobs that Pay Well

The industry of services is incredibly broad that covers everything from hospitality and banking to retail, nursing and even teaching. It means that there’s likely to be a position for you in this sector, regardless of your educational or professional experience. Certain positions could be extremely lucrative, too.

This article will help you discover important information on jobs in the service industry which pay very well. We also discuss the qualifications you’ll need to be able to get these jobs as well as the websites which can provide vacancies.

How Much Does a Service Industry Job Pay?

The industry of service is vast and diverse, meaning it is possible to find jobs that pay extremely low and very high pay and all in between. According to a study on Indeed the average annual salary in the service industry can range from $20,000 for housekeepers and up to $100,000 for marketing and sales managers. A restoration technician makes only $15.55 for an hour. an average mechanic earns an hourly rate of $17.89.

How to Get a High-Paying Service Industry Job

There are always jobs available in the service sector and there is a high demand for workers that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. If you’re seeking a lucrative job in the service industry This section will help information on steps you must do.

Step 1: Chart Your Professional Path

Before your job search starts, you must be clear about what direction you’d like your career path to lead you. Determine your career goals as clearly as is possible. We suggest employing the SMART method to establish clearly defined goals. Once you’ve identified your professional goals, locating the perfect job in the service industry is much simpler.

Step 2: Find a Company Where You Can Grow

If you’re like many people, you’ll enter the business in a low-level job. However, there is the possibility of being elevated and advancing within the organization to earn an increase in salary.

It is essential to locate an employer that values its employees and strives to grow the talents of its employees. Before you accept an offer, ensure you have done your due diligence to determine whether you’re a suitable company culture fit, and if the employer offers opportunities to advance your career.

Step 3: Upskill to Climb Up

If you’ve been offered an employment opportunity with a company that has a solid professional development plan now is the time to maximize the opportunities available for professional development. In almost every position listed here you’ll need to keep up-to-date and refresh your knowledge frequently to stay current and be eligible for promotions.

Take advantage of any training or learning opportunities that your employer offers to improve your professional skills and to increase your pay, job security and overall job satisfaction.

What Service Industry Jobs Pay the Most? The Highest-Paying Service Industry Jobs You Should Consider

from the food and drink sectors to medical care possibilities in the service sector are limitless. Below, we will provide you with the highest-paying jobs in the service industry that should be in your list of priorities.


  • Average annual salary: $73,560 per year
  • Employment growth of7%
  • Companies hiring: CACI International, General Electric, Blend

Accountants are accountable for the preparation and maintaining, recording as well as interpreting the financial transaction as well as records for their company or for their clients. They ensure that tax returns are submitted on time, that any issues are identified, and strategies are designed to help a business perform more effectively. Accounting professionals communicate financial information to the management and review the accounting information to formulate the most strategic financial recommendations.

Flight Attendant

  • Average earnings:$59,050 per year
  • Employment increase:30%
  • Companies looking for employees:Spirit Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines

Flight attendants are a part of the crew aboard the plane. They make sure that all passengers are comfortable and safe and provide assistance and help when needed. The passengers are welcomed by flight attendants who conduct security checks prior to departure, and then prepare and serve meals and drinks to passengers. They also instruct passengers on how to use emergency safety devices safely during an excursion.

Hotel Manager

  • Average earnings: $56,670 an year
  • Growth in employment:9%
  • Companies looking for employees: American Cruise Lines, Holiday Inn, Best Western International

The daily operations of establishments that offer lodging like hotels are managed by hotel executives. They employ staff, train and supervise staff, oversee the budget of the hotel, plan events and maintenance and market the hotel’s amenities. Hotel managers also manage client complaints and ensure that staff are equipped to deliver excellent customer service to guests in the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Manager

  • Average earnings:$56,590 a year
  • Employment expansion:15%
  • Companies that are hiring:Benchmark Hospitality, The Cheesecake Factory, Hyatt Regency

Managers of restaurants oversee the operation of their establishments in order to ensure that they operate smoothly and efficiently. They oversee and plan every aspect of restaurant activities.

These experts from the food service industry could be able to, for instance, deal with issues related to customer service ensure the supply of top-quality food and beverages and supervise staff at restaurants, and make sure that corporate standards are adhered to.

Wedding Planner

  • Average annual salary: $51,560 per year
  • Job increase:18%
  • Companies looking for:Eventrics Weddings, My Vineyard Concierge, Northland Special Events

Wedding planners help clients with the design, planning and administration of their weddings. They collaborate with vendors and negotiate contracts, set specific deadlines, oversee the finances of their clients, and also attend events such as food tastings and site visits. Wedding planners also have the charge of making sure that the design and feel of the event, which includes the different elements of decoration are in sync with the vision of the client.

Personal Trainer

  • Average annual salary:$40,510 a year
  • Job expansion:39%
  • Companies that are hiring:Crunch Fitness, Equinox, YMCA

Personal trainers create safe workout plans that aid clients in achieving your fitness targets, be it the goal is weight loss and muscle development, or any other thing. Personal trainers will show their clients different routines and exercises monitor their progress, promote healthy living and give them the tools to meet health and lifestyle goals.

Call Center Representative

  • Average pay of $35,830 per year
  • Employment growth-1%
  • Companies looking to hire:AT&T, Adecco, MDS Communications

Calls from clients are handled by professionals at the call center and they also respond to inquiries and listen to concerns of customers and provide solutions. They usually conclude a contract or move the call to the appropriate department if they are they interact with customers. A customer service representative should adhere to the written instructions to ensure that customers receive the most effective solutions.

Bank Teller

  • Average annual salary: $32,620 an year
  • Job expansion:-17%
  • Companies looking for employees:Stearns Bank, Huntington Bank, PNC Financial Services Group

In banks, bank tellers are the first contact point for customers. They handle cash from customers as well as loan and deposit payments, take withdrawals from the savings account of a customer and manage cash advances. They also provide cashier’s checks as well as handle complaints from customers and track transactions.


  • Average annual salary:$27,630 a year
  • Job expansion:19%
  • Companies looking for employees:Great Clips Inc, Short Clips Haircuts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts

Also called hairdressers, stylists are professionals who specialise in cutting coloring, and styling hair. They clean and wash the hair of their customers, sell salon products, and research the latest trends in hair styling.

To meet their clients requirements for hair styling, hairstylists will also explain the advantages of different hair products, check the quality of their products in their salon, and use basic and advanced hairstyling techniques.

Retail Sales Associate

  • Average earnings: $27,320 per year
  • Employment growth-1%
  • Companies looking for employees:Aspen Skiing Company, PUMA, Urban Outfitters

In a retail shop the sales personnel greet and assist customers. They aid customers in locating and choosing products and respond to customer concerns. Because of their product knowledge and their knowledge of sales techniques they can boost sales. Retail sales personnel are also accountable for running cash registers, managing financial transactions and providing exceptional customer service.

The Best Service Industry Jobs: Top Employers that hire in Service Industry Jobs

Here, we’ve listed the top employers that are hiring for positions in the service industry. If you’re looking for the perfect location to start your career in the field of service Here are five excellent alternatives.

  • Delta Airlines Based upon evaluations of employees, Delta is a great workplace. The employees of this airline have positive comments to share about the company’s culture of business. They frequently report feeling proud in their work, experiencing connected to their colleagues and feeling confident about the company’s management.
  • Capital One: Capital One employees have rated the business as a great workplace due to the variety of opportunities available for professional development.
  • Bank of America It is a business which recognizes that ensuring its employees’ emotional, physical and financial health will allow them to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Kaiser Permanente: According to reviews by employees, Kaiser Permanente boasts a wonderful company culture, working-life balance, stability in the workplace and job expansion.
  • Home Depot : The possibilities for career advancement there are limitless. If you’re entering the workforce for your first time or changing professions, The Home Depot is an excellent workplace since it takes care of its employees and gives them training and development opportunities.

Where to Find a Service Industry Job

Are you wondering where to find the top jobs in the service industry? Below, we will show you three well-known platforms for jobs in the service sector.


Indeed is one of the employment search engines. You can find job opportunities for all jobs in the service industry that you might be interested in. There are more than 130,000 job listings for accountant jobs and over 44,000 for bank tellers. The site lets you add your resume, and then turn on push notifications so that you receive notifications about new jobs.


This site is among the most efficient job search engines on the market. It has a stunning user-friendly interface. You can save search results, and create job alerts, so that you’re alerted of any new opportunities even while you’re sleeping.


This website has gained a reputation over time in the past as being one of the most effective websites for job hunting. It offers excellent job listings that help you network with professionals within your field. For HR departments all over the globe, LinkedIn is an efficient and easy way to find skilled people. With a couple of clicks, users can set up an account for free and create a comprehensive professional page, as well as engage with the top players within their respective fields.

Skills Required to Land Your First Service Industry Job

With the correct set of qualifications on their resumes Job seekers have more chance of landing a job in the service sector. The field is vast and diverse, but certain skills are relevant to virtually every job. Below, we take a closer review of three crucial ones.


Every task description within the field of service needs a strong communication skill. In reality everything in work life is affected by communication that is both non-verbal and verbal that range from the way ideas are communicated and received, to how employees interact with colleagues.

Effective communication is among the most sought-after abilities in this field and many other. In order to land your first industry job, having excellent interpersonal skills will get you far. If you are a newbie one of the most effective ways for you to stand out to hiring supervisors is to demonstrate impressive soft abilities.


The latest trends are constantly emerging and are changing the face of every industry. This makes flexibility and adaptability essential for a modern worker. Being a fast learner is frequently more crucial than obtaining the job with specialized technical abilities. In the present day advancement in your career requires continual studying to stay up-to-date with technological advancements and trends.

Organizational Skills

In the service sector and in other fields, efficient planning skills are crucial. This means being able prioritize tasks, keep on top of crucial dates or occasions as well as, if you are in a management position managing the various members of your team as well as being aware of the tasks each is able to handle.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Service Industry Job?

A bootcamp for coding is a great method of training for specific tech-related jobs that are thought of as being part of the service sector. The jobs that are available include assistance desk support specialists and tech sales.

The most effective tech sales bootcamps can teach you the fundamentals of sales and technology necessary to succeed. They also provide access to mentors and networks of companies hiring tech sales specialists.

Is a Service Industry Job For Me?

The service industry covers many different jobs, ranging from bank tellers and call center agents to mechanics, hairstylists or personal trainers. Because of the size of the industry it is highly likely that you’ll be able to discover a job that appeals to you. If you possess good soft skills and can easily to adapt to changing and a new environment, this might be the perfect job for you.

Service Industry Jobs that Pay Well FAQ

Which service-related jobs make the highest?

Physicians are among the highest-paying professionals in this sector. They earn an average annual salary of $28,000. Other professionals with high earnings within the field include marketing and sales managers and air traffic controllers and accountants.

What makes the service industry the best career choice?

The service sector offers an array of jobs that range from housekeepers to Tellers and personal trainers. Therefore, there’s almost certainly a job that is suitable for anyone. Although some of these occupations pay low wages per hour some are very well compensated.

Which are the best examples of work in the industry?

Tourism, hospitality healthcare, hospitality, as well as finance, are all a part of this business. Hotel manager, physician nursing assistant, investor banker technician, trainer and hair stylist are just a few examples of work in the service sector. Some government jobs along with jobs in customer service, as well as food service jobs also fall under this group. Certain jobs require no formal education, while others require advanced education.

Are the jobs in the service sector in great demand?

Service industry a booming sector, and need for workers is predicted to increase in the coming years. For instance The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that need for finance analysts is expected to rise by 6 percent in future. They can find work in investment firms as well as venture capital firms.

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