Best Paying Jobs in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

The footwear, clothing and accessories industry comprises firms that design, manufacture and sell these items. The industry is home to a broad assortment of businesses, ranging from small boutiques to large department stores. The footwear, apparel as well as accessories industry is growing rapidly. The growth is expected to double the size of the economy over the next 10 years. But, the industry is also extremely competitive. Therefore, keeping up to date with current trends and understanding the business is crucial. Because of their need in the business professionals are pursuing the school of the latest fashion.

Best Paying Jobs in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

1. Public Relations Manager: Average Salary- $68 834 per Year

Public relations managers are the head of a company’s PR and communications departments, making sure that the brand’s good name is protected. Additionally, they are responsible for developing connections with the media to promote the brand’s image such as fashion shows, press releases fashion lookbooks or exhibition appointments. Fashion PR professionals also oversee their team’s publicity and marketing calendars, media targets lists, and press kits created from the group. The credibility of the profile it, which is why it’s an amongst the highest-paying jobs in the world of clothing and accessories stores..

2. Fashion Stylist: Average Salary- $66 135 per Year

Fashion stylists are responsible of designing outfits and clothing for editorials, advertisements as well as music videos, celebrities and other celebrities. They work with designers retailers and manufacturers to make sure that the items they choose to use fit their clients requirements. Fashion stylists typically are aware of trends in the fashion world and what’s going to be fashionable in the coming years. You can begin working as a stylist as it’s one of the highest paying job opportunities in stores selling clothing accessories.

3. Fashion Designer: Average Salary- $64 733 Per Year

Fashion designers create unique clothes, accessories, and footwear. They design and sketch ideas, choose fabrics and patterns, and supervise the design of clothing. Fashion designers collaborate with a variety of individuals in the industry of fashion, which includes patternmakers, sample makers merchandisers, as well as models. Additionally, they usually work with assistants to assist in research as well as sketching and even choosing the right fabric. There’s plenty to discover in this field and you can also find the highest job opportunities in stores selling clothing accessories.

4. Brand Manager: $66,023 Per Year

The role of a Brand Manager is preserve and enhance the image of a business to draw in and retain customers. They collaborate together with marketing, creative and department of product development to ensure that the campaigns conform to the brand’s primary values and messages. They also have the responsibility of coordinating and approving on the creation of promotional material including commercials, email campaigns as well as websites for their business. Brand managers for fashion also look at the market to decide which areas their business should put its resources, based on their customer buying patterns and preferences.

5. Marketing Manager: $67 216 per Year

Marketing managers are accountable for a brand’s strategies for marketing. They are responsible for the branding process, creating marketing campaigns, and then analysing the results of these strategies. Fashion marketers, as an instance collaborate with marketing and team members to create briefs as well as logos and packaging designs that are utilized to promote and price products. They also have to keep track of market conditions and trends to determine if a marketing strategy is working or requires improvements. If you’re looking for the most reputable job in the market this is among the most lucrative jobs available in stores selling shoes too.

6. Retail Store Manager: Average Salary- $110 804 per Year

The store manager is responsible of the day-to-day operations at a store. The job of the store manager is to make sure that all the work required in the store is done before closing time. They issue orders and directives to assistant managers as well as other departmental managers who follow them up after having completed their task. A manager of a store should have some experience in the field and a certificate or diploma with a strong leadership ability.

The job of a store manager is extremely demanding and requires a professional background. But, getting the right certification may be difficult. you’ll need to be knowledgeable prior to being given a chance to be considered for a store manager job. If you do not have any prior experience in the field, the most effective method to become an assistant manager in the bottom job is to progress to the top.

7. Store Sales Associates: Average Salary- $63 000 per Year

Sales associates are responsible for the sale of products and, based on the situation, could be called customer service. One of the primary responsibilities of a sales representative is to interact directly with every customer who calls the company regarding products or services. Sales associates play a key actor in the development of a brand. That’s why they are among the highest pay jobs available in stores selling shoes and accessories based on their experiences.

As a sales associate you’ll require various skills like basic math, the ability to communicate fluently about cash handling, good English or bilingualism, and more. Because the typical salary of a sales associate is very encouraging, they are also part of the highest-paying occupations in clothing/shoe/accessory stores.

8. Merchandise Coordinator: Average Salary- $48 000 per Year

In general the general sense, a merchandise coordinator oversees and executes the company’s products vision while keeping to the budget. They collaborate with buyers, designers, planners and suppliers to choose the items to be displayed at the retail store. The merchandise coordinator is responsible in preparing and maintaining the store’s selections and display layouts and floor plans. They also monitor inventory and prepare reports to analyse the data on sales.

9. Department Manager: Average Salary- $87 500 per Year

Department managers are accountable for the day-to-day activities of a particular department in a retail store. The job includes the training of employees, establishing schedules, evaluating the inventory levels and making sure that the standards of customer service are adhered to.

In some instances department managers could be also responsible for sales. In order to be a department supervisor you must have at minimum two years of experience in the field of retail management. Department managers generally make more than store managers. They are one of the highest pay jobs available within Clothing accessories storesas well as a highly respected one.

Is there a good career in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Store Jobs?

Being in the clothing shoes, accessories, and apparel sector is an excellent career choice for a variety of reasons. In the first place, the industry is expanding rapidly which means there are numerous opportunities for growth. The industry is also extremely competitive. It is therefore essential to stay updated on the latest trends and to have a deep knowledge of the market.

In addition, the job in this field could be extremely lucrative. To get an job, you could opt for the highest pay jobs in stores selling clothing accessories.You’ll be able to assist customers in finding the perfect outfit and make them feel confident about their appearance. In addition, you’ll have the chance to work with a talented team and keep up with the latest fashion trends. If you’re looking for a challenging and thrilling job, then working in the fashion or footwear business is a great option!


This list of most lucrative jobs in stores selling shoes should be helpful to find the right job. Do you have questions concerning the retail sector or the jobs we talked about? If yes, write a comment below for any queries regarding the retail sector or the jobs mentioned. Also, feel free to forward this blog post to your family and friends seeking jobs in the retail industry.

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